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The MacBBS is one of Adelaide's longest running online communities. Our services include access to email, a huge range of software, conferences, support, latest mac news, tips and tricks, chatrooms, instant messaging and webspace.

Using the FREE Telefinder Client, which has an easy to use graphical interface, you can access all the above facilities through a local access dialup for the price of a local phonecall. No more timed payments allowing you to read and respond to email, or download a 10mb file all at no extra cost to you. If you are outside Adelaide you can still access the MacBBS via TCP using the Telefinder Client or by visiting our website.

So join up today! Standard membership includes email, access to all the BBS facilities including software, conferences, resources and chat, 2mb of webspace and the support of being part of a community that helps members get the most from their computer. Other levels are available, from BBS only access to advanced business packages, whatever you need, we have something to suit you.

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